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溫哥華「靈命進深與靈友同行」課程(P301) Level 3 學員課後分享:

1. 一個讓我經歷生命轉化的課程(level 1 -level3)讓我認識安靜的可貴,從中聽到上帝的微聲、引領我走進內心深處,遇見自己的真我...這是一個不簡單、充滿驚喜的課程!

2. Thank you Lord for blessing me to experience the power and peace of gentleness through solitude and the fellowship with others. Thank you Lord for blessing me to feel the unchanging love of God in our vulnerability. Through sharing and feedback of others, I was able to hear God speak to me.

3.Thank you to all spiritual companions for lifting my heart up in our singing, praising, sharing, praying and SD sessions.

4. Through the quiet moments and the carefully designed materials, I was able to experience the Love of the Lord and get a glimpse of His love for me from His sight.

5. Thank God for His healing in the retreat! He showed me that there's His protection and providence in the midst of my suffering. He liberated me from the bondage of guilt that I have had for a long time. Through the reflection time, He reminded me to be gentle to myself and to build up Christ-like characters.

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