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因為要準備寫新的專欄,我想到 R.S. Thomas 的 The Porch 《門廊》。

上網看 R.S. Thomas 的資料,讀到這段文字,或者要 send 給燕青

Thomas is often called the "poet of the hidden God." Poem after poem finds him kneeling in a dark empty church, waiting for a God who refuses to appear or speak. "To one kneeling down no word came," begins the poem "In a Country Church"; "Only the wind's song, ... /Or the dry whisper of unseen wings,/bats not angels, in the high roof." In a poem called "In Church," he sees the stone church walls as "the hard ribs/Of a body that our prayers have failed/To animate," and asks: "Is this where God hides/From my searching?" God remains hidden in "The Empty Church" where, even though we have "laid this stone trap/for him, enticing him with candles/as though he would come like some huge moth,/out of the darkness to beat there"--no, "he will not come any more." Peggy Rosenthal

想起門廊、門檻,自然想起卡謬的異鄉人,想到自己曾不甘心的站在門檻上的樣子,想起許多今日仍然坐在群英殿內的「好漢」與在外的豪傑們; 想到有很多不公平、想到 「從來都是不公平」的這句話...想到默默但激進的 R.S. Thomas



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