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前天和 Susan參加了 william Barry 的conference. 題目是 God wants us to be His friends;深入淺出的分享、不經意的生命丫流露,主讓我想到一個字:通!Father barry 實在是簡單通透的將我們如何與神為友的真理道出。

昨天晚上發了一個電郵給一個三十多年沒有見面的朋友,約他會面。但不知道 e-mail 是否正確。今天早上,意外地收到他的回覆,真的開心。年記大了,朋友多了,不同年記的朋友有,也遍佈世界不同地方,有時不知怎樣可以常常保持良好溝通與關係。但有些朋友是多年不見,仍然可以非常親密的。不過,人總是偏心的,我總會偏向和一些在思想、感情、喜好上和我同頻率的人。這也是無可厚非的。

今天錦華兄帶我們作明陣 ( Labyrinth) 默想。團契有一些新朋友,但敬拜開始得好得有點難信。我的狀態、敬拜者和帶領敬拜的也好像不是在最好狀態,但我感受到聖靈的工作。明陣的默想過程是寧靜的;心中有平安。雖然想到生命的軟弱處感到愧疚,但平安的我感受是強烈的。神再提醒我要以神為滿足。藏在祂裡面。看到默想後弟兄姊妹切駱分享,內心感到一陣一陣的欣悅。

Labyrinths were a feature of many medieval cathedrals - one of the best remaining examples is found in Chartres Cathedral in northern France. Unlike a maze they have only one path - there are no dead ends. People walk the labyrinth slowly, as an aid to contemplative prayer and reflection, as a spiritual exercise, or as a form of pilgrimage.This contemporary version includes music, meditations, art, media and symbolic activities at intervals along the path. Participants walk the Labyrinth with a CD player and headphones, in their own relaxing soundworld, at their own pace. Each track on the CD contains meditations, instructions and music relating to a part of the labyrinth

The path has three stages - the 'inward' journey, the centre and the 'outward' journey. The theme of the 'inward' journey is letting go of things which hinder our wholeness and inner approach to God. The centre of the Labyrinth is a space of meditative prayer and peace. The theme of the 'outward' journey is relationship - with ourselves, with others and with the planet - seen in the light of our relationship with God.


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