2016 「讓心靈飛翔:全人的靈修」 ﹣學員課後分享(洛杉磯)


After taking this class, I realized that I had never learned how to do devotion in a correct way. I had always use different materials to do my devotions, and never could imagine I can do devotions just by simply using the bible verses. I used to admire those who wrote devotion books, wondering how the authors could have so many thoughts on the bible verses on a daily basis. However, after learning how to quiet down, wait, and meditate upon God’s words by using the “cow eating” method, I found out each passage has its own richness. During my homework experiences these few weeks, I realized at many times, I do not have any special feelings on the passage. Instead, I have many questions pop up in my left brain while reading the passage out loud, I always tell God I do not understand why things happened the way it is in the passage. Therefore, I’ll ponder upon the passage whenever I’ve daydreaming time. Amazingly, God will somehow let me see the passage clearer throughout the day, or during the week through my experiences. I just find it quite amazing. And by doing devotion this way, His words, and the scene of the passage did store deeply in my heart, and became my guidance and encouragements. Thank you Pastor Choi and Choi C Mo for this class! J Looking forward to see you in August! ~ Amanda

After I attended the class, I found that the way I did devotion in the past was wrong. I am happy to learn how to do devotion in a right method and the true purpose of doing it. It is good to know how to communicate with God when I’m praying. I feel very peaceful during devotion and I really like this peaceful feeling. I am excited to do devotion now because I want to know what God will tell me during devotion. I asked God to tell me what my inner child is, how my past experience influences me, and who I am. I had a lot of traumas in my past but God told me that He is the one to heal me and He wants me to help others by understanding their past and difficulties. He told me that people need the Lord. It makes me to have more enthusiasm to use my profession on work. ~ Quinnie

抱着一種期待的心情參加P101的課程,果然不負所望,神施恩憐憫,知道我靈糧上的欠缺,此時差派蔡牧師和師母二人来到CBMC, 在我身上施肥、灌溉,令我在知識上,心靈上,從內到外都有一種更新的感覺。


在7年前初决志信主之先,我曾問小組組員,[我幾時才會聽到神的声音呢]他们对我說,:[不一定會聽到的,我信幾十年都從未聽見過], 當時我真有點失望。但现在我很歡歡喜喜地告诉大家,原来我可以每天都聽到神的声音,只要我敞開自己的心,讓神的靈進入𥚃面,同時讓神了解我的內心,我的全部,這樣、神也會讓我感受到祂對我如何陪伴着我、了解我、監察我、带领我,去走過祂為我預備的道路,想着想着,心裡不期然的有一份温暖湧上,感谢神你用爱和教導去回应我心𥚃的一個問號。 Amen! ~ Coffee

The 101 Spiritual Formation class offered me a very good chance to quiet down myself and start exploring to know more about myself and God.

I used to find meditation was difficult because I didn't know how to. But now I can start to get close to God through meditation. In addition, I start dealing with some hidden emotions, which are suppressed unintentionally in the past two years during the alone time with Him. I didn't see the urge to take care of those feelings until they start floating in my mind when I want to quiet down during the class/practice. Perhaps I underestimate the impact of those feelings. Through different settings in the class, I find out something new about myself that helps me to know our Heavenly Father better!

Thank you 蔡牧師&蔡師母! ~ Karrie

I like this 101 class a lot because it really focus on God and direct authentic relationship between me and God. Finally relationship is no longer just about serving Him.

Far too often my prior bible studies had been “too obsessive with application”, which basically teach myself and others how to use the scripture to better my life, or my relationship with others. Far too often, prayer meeting is mainly about acquainting people’s needs and sharing.

Learning to “feel” with different senses and put myself into scripture, is totally new to me and fascinating. ~ Stanley

I thank God for leading me to attend this class – Spiritual formation 101. Before this class, devotion had become a daily routine in which I did not expect to learn much out of it anymore. This class has transformed my devotion routine into a practice which allows me to experience the sweetness and closeness of God's presence and His words. I’m not used to silence, but this class has revived me to long for the encounter with God through meditating His words and resting in His peace. I have become more sensitive to my worries and my inner self during silence. Remembering the first devotional practice in the class, the words “thirst” and “water” became the summary of what I’ve learned in this class. I know devotion is what God has invited me to come to Him and His word daily, the living water, who would fill and satisfy my spiritual thirst. Thank you Rev. Choi and Mrs. Choi for guiding me and the class in this transforming devotional journey. ~ Effie

Separation – This is the word that I use to describe my spirituality before I took P101. I was having a cold war with God since my parent’s dramatic divorced. Even thought I had been attended all the church meetings, serving in Small Group, and reading the Bible, I only used my left brain to communicate with God. After I attended P101, the devotional practices not only expanded my understanding of the true meaning of devotion, but also brought me to be closer to God for reconciliation. During my quiet time, He reminded me that I used to be enjoying my devotional time with God as He was my joy and power. Now, I felt that I have been connected with God. As I am walking this spiritual journey, may God grant me determination and strong will to practice devotion everyday, so that I can enjoy His present and embrace! ~ Xenia

完成P-101這個課程後,靈修不再是我作為一個基督徒要盡的"責任",而是經歷神同在的一個過程。在牧師和師母所帶領的安靜與默想的練習中,我有機會發現自己的盲點,更多認識神。這是一個不一樣,從未試過的體驗,令我更嚮往下一個與神同在的旅程。我很感恩能有這學習的機會。~ Angela

For quite a while, I have been struggling with spending quiet time with God, partly because I was frustrated about not enjoying it as much as I should. And sometimes it even made me doubtful about my love for God. Hence I have really looked forward to this course. So far I think this is the best decision I have made in year 2016! It has given me new perspectives in devotion/meditation and a better understanding of myself. All the homework sets are new experiences. I am still struggling to be able to do that daily, but I have been enjoying my encounters with myself and with God. I hope this revival will be long lasting and my love for God will only deepen. ~ Semechah

1) Using the five senses to read bible. I never thought of it that way. However, surprisingly when I use that method, I can really immerse myself into the passages and "sense" or "feel" God much better. Otherwise I sometimes feel like I'm just an observer watching the bible story unfold.

2) Accept that my messy thoughts can come up, and embrace them. In the past I feel bad that these thoughts come up to interrupt my devotion. But I learned that these thoughts are real. I can still embrace them but allow them to become a part of my devotion, and then surrender them to God.

Learning these things surely helped with my devotions and how I approach the bible in the future. ~Kaitlin

If I were to sum up the spiritual formation 101 class in one word, it would be "inspiration".

Inspiration to connect with the Lord in a deeper and broader way, in a way that perhaps it was what God intends for us to connect with Him.

The content that was presented in the class, and in the book, was not completely new to me. And, it was quite a 'nice to have', 'really ideal to have' a wonderful "devotion life" always in my mind. The taste of solitude and deep communion with the Lord has always been good but too rarely done in my Christian walk. However, the experience of this class, has inspired me to really pursue a 'holistic' connection with the Lord in the days to come. Rev and Mrs Choi are firmly convicted and have personally experienced the goodness of the Lord in what they teach. From their teaching, and the first hand experience of the exercises in class / in homework, gave me a good taste of what spiritual formation really means.

I thank the Lord for their faithful servant in ministering to me this way, and by the grace of the Lord, I wish to finish the book and the exercises in 2016, and start a new chapter of my walk with the Lord. ~Tina

[讓心靈飛翔] 課程幫助我們學習投入全人的靈修經歷。靈修需要操練,卻不是機械式的活動;我們需要在繁鬧的生活中去尋求神,目的不是要搏取祂的讚賞,乃是單要進入祂的同在。神與人的同在不再只是聖經上的字句, 神學上的理念, 個人在腦海裡的夢想, 而是全人在知、情、意及身體五官上跟造我們、愛我們的神的全接觸。在這神人的相遇裡我們會更多認識自己的生命現況,對神有新的發現,更多的認識祂,繼而學習去多愛自己和多愛神。叫我們想到詩歌[主活著] 裡所描述的: 我所事奉復活主, 祂今在世活著。我知道祂確活著,不管人怎麼説。我見祂手施憐憫, 聽聞祂安慰聲, 每次當我需求祂, 總必答應。基督耶穌今天仍然活著, 祂與我談, 祂伴我走,生命窄路同過。基督耶穌救恩臨到萬邦, 若問我怎知祂活著, 祂活在我心中。(生命聖詩413首) ~ Simon

這次「靈根自植」課程一方面重溫了過往在神學院學習過的靈命造就知識,但更是一個重新出發、進深體驗的經歷。知識不應用就不能改變生命,感謝主叫我在這三個星期中和弟兄姊妹走了一趟美好的旅程,盼望自己能夠持之以恆,與我的神有更親密的關係。 ~ Dadco


但現在靈修變得個人化。課程讓我體驗怎樣與主相遇,與主對話,怎樣聆聽主的聲音。雖然我用這個方法仍在摸索和練習階段,但靈修變得是一個與主約會的時間。一個渴望和享受的時間。享受與主相遇時安靜,放鬆,扔開一切與神近距離接觸的感覺。很高興主可以單獨與我說話。~ Windy