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About Us


Spiritual Formation International (SFI) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2000 in Vancouver, B.C. Canada and Hong Kong. Due to human resources, it is now serving mainly Cantonese-speaking congregations, but will be gradually expanding to Mandarin-speaking and English-speaking congregations in the nearest future.
Spiritual formation is increasingly becoming a term used in many different kinds of evangelical ministry settings for building depth and commitment into the lives of individual Christians and their communities of faith. SFI intends to foster genuine spiritual formation in the various ministry arms of the church as a means of helping Christian to fulfill their calling to be salt and light of this world.


Spiritual formation is the process by which our inner self is given ‘form’ or  ‘character’. To be formed spiritually is to be formed Christianly – to have our inner being become more and more like the inner being of Jesus Christ. This act of God’s grace comes freely to those who chooses to intentionally engage the journey of a transformed life.

We look up to the transformational work of the Holy Spirit; however, at the same time, we cooperate this work through disciplines which make us more open and responsive to the Spirit’s touch. 
To achieve this, SFI provides regular courses on devotion and spiritual disciplines, retreats, seminars, joint programs with churches and the like in both Hong Kong and North America.
We invite you to join us on this Spirit-driven-expedition whereby God’s grace calls you to Jesus, gathers you with others who has also been called, teaches you to think in new ways, and sends you out as representatives of His love and mercy.

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